Why Your Company Should Conduct Background Checks


Hiring new employees can be both costly and stressful. Not only must you pay to recruit talented workers, you also must trust you are hiring an ethical, professional workforce. To eliminate some of the worry, savvy employers often choose to conduct a criminal record background check as a condition to employment. If your organization doesn’t have a criminal background check policy, you are likely missing out on some important benefits.

Find the Right Talent


Whether you own a small business or manage a Fortune 500 company, you have better things to do than agonize about hiring an unqualified employee. When you implement a pre-employment screening process, you remove much of the guesswork from finding new workers. By collaborating with the right service, you quickly obtain important information about the individual’s education credentials, employment history, and criminal conduct. If your goal is to find the right talent as quickly as possible, relying on background checks is a smart decision.

Avoid Legal Exposure


If you negligently hire an employee who later causes harm to a colleague or a client, your company might be financially responsible for damages. To avoid legal exposure, you must demonstrate a good-faith effort to investigate and prevent employee wrongdoing. Performing a criminal record background check on everyone you hire is a good first step.

Boost Workplace Safety


Nobody wants to work with somebody who has a history of violent behavior. Similarly, you probably don’t want to put a convicted felon in charge of your company’s books. Either way, to protect both workers and company assets, you probably want to be certain you hire only ethical, responsible, and safe staff. With a quick, FCRA-compliant background check, you can be virtually certain everyone on your team has a history of appropriate, legal behavior.

Keep Employees Longer


Recruiting new workers can be time consuming and expensive. When you find the right person to do a job, then, you probably want to keep him or her as long as possible. By looking into a prospective employee’s work history, you can learn whether the worker is inclined to job hop or stay put. You can also determine if the new hire is committed to working in the industry. Similarly, you can obtain information about how the person has interacted with colleagues in the past. To avoid continually recruiting for top talent, then, a background check process is likely a positive solution.

Staffing a company can be unbelievably challenging. Instead of leaving your personnel decisions to chance, you might think about implement a criminal record background check policy to boost your odds of hiring a qualified, responsible workforce.