When should you take up an internship ?

College students in the past would not think of working until and unless they had completed their studies. However in today’s world, students are more, and if they apply the same sort of strategy to today’s world, they will find themselves lagging far behind for Australian internships.

Reasons to take up an internship

The internship helps students build their network and to evaluate whether the career they have chosen is the right one for them. It also helps them in getting a job post completion of their college education.

When to take up an internship

There are different times when the student can take up an internship. Either earlier on in their college education or at the latter end of it. They can also take it up full time or part-time.

Freshman versus seniors

As a freshman, the workplace skills may not yet be developed at all even though the student is aware of the career interest that they have. This could be a good starting point to undertake an internship program because the student will learn how to communicate with people of different age groups, hierarchy levels and understand how to work in a professional environment. The disadvantage of working as a freshman is that the student will still need to make a lot of discovery as to what is the field which they want to undertake for the rest of their life. Also, in a freshman year, the students as they do not have enough knowledge or qualification, will not be given interesting projects and therefore they may find that they do not enjoy the work as much as they would have.

Closer to graduation, the interns would be given better projects to work upon. Also, if the student is about to graduate, there are chances that they will receive an offer for them to get permanent employment with the organization.

Full or part-time internships

Internships vary, and there is a wide range of options to choose from. Full-time internship is good for students to be aware of what the professional environment will look like and how they will be spending the entire day and how the professional world actually operates. The students also who are part of a full-time internship are usually given more inclusive projects as well as the day they get to be part of more interesting projects.

Students who pick summer Internships full time can even pick up internships which are not in the same geographical location as the college because they do not need to be attending classes. There are also a number of companies who offer summer internships as compared to any other kind of internships.

The downside to it is that summer internships are extremely competitive and therefore not all students will get an opportunity to take up such internships.

Part-time internships are when the student dedicates part of his or her day to work in the organization. Students of this kind of internships usually find that they get more mundane and routine tasks and do not learn much.