What Distracts You in Life?

As they say, life can be full of surprises. It is the distractions in life that sidetrack you in a professional and personal manner.

So, what are you doing to cut the distractions in your life so that things do not get too complicated?

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Steer Clear of Solicitations and Drama

To do your best to steer clear of all the negative life can throw at you, review the following to see if you’re winning:

  1. Phone distractions – About how many times a day does your cell or landline ring? If you kept track, you might actually have some surprises at the number. In trying to get work or personal duties done, doing away with annoying phone calls is imperative. If you do a phone lookup, you can more times than not track down where calls originate from and who is making them. As such, you can often nip this problem in the bud.
  2. Email overload – Does your email folder look some days like a never-ending mine field? If so, what do you intend to do about it? An email folder that keeps growing distracts you from getting your job done. Do your best to go in the folder and clean it out on a daily basis. If that is not possible, set aside some time once a week to get the job done.
  1. Social media addiction – Would you be someone who classifies as a social media addict? You know, those people who have trouble staying social sites. If this is you, there’s a good chance all that time is distracting you from work and personal needs. Like checking your email, you may want to set aside time each day for a little social media break. In doing this, you are able to stay up to speed on social media, yet not fall behind on real responsibilities in life.
  2. Neighborhood drama – Unless lucky to live out in the middle of nowhere, you have neighbors. While many can be drama-free, there always seems to be that one who has to stick their nose in your business. When they do this, you have another distraction in your life. If your neighborhood has some drama in it, do your best to navigate around it. Doing so will make your life less complicated in the process. If some strange things are happening around where you live, you may want to take time to investigate. For example, what if a strange vehicle is popping up? While it may be nothing, it could be something that warrants your attention. If so, it might be time for a license plate search. That search will assist you in determining who might be canvassing your neighborhood. It also helps to see if you need to upgrade your home safety needs.

Staying Focused on Your Needs

To stay better focused on your needs in life, plan out your next day when you go to bed at night.

Remember back in school when you made your lunch the night before or got your clothes out and ready for morning? By planning your next day’s activities as much as possible, you go into that day better prepared to tackle it.

Last, don’t let life’s daily distractions get the better of you.

It can be easy to get frustrated and want to throw your hands up in the air with all what life can throw at you.

By taking things in stride, you’re much better suited to come out on top.