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Ways To Prevent The Dry Season To Destroy Your Landscape

Oftentimes, drought is the biggest threat on the condition of your yard and leaves you wondering how you can make your lawn greener than ever. Well, you can try performing ancient rituals and wait till it rains. However, if that does not work, it’s now time for you to consider learning ways to prevent dry season destroy your landscape.

Signs that there is drought-damage

Approximately 70% to 75% of turf grass is made of water. As we all know, water is an important part in keeping healthy and beautiful lawn. But during dry season, grass tends to lose more water from their leaves than the amount they’ve managed to absorb through their roots.

When that happens, you will start seeing drought-stress related symptoms on your lawn such as:

  • Rolled or folded grass blades

If this is the case, it is a sign that your lawn is witting. You’re in a big trouble.

  • Change in color

As soon as drought takes over your lawn, you’ll start to notice how it turns to blue-green or even dull gray color.

  • Marks and prints on the grass

You can easily tell that your lawn is already a victim of drought once you try to step into it or mow it but the tracks and footprints remains on the grass. If it doesn’t spring back anymore, then you need to act now.

So, to prevent this from happening from you should know the effective ways to control it better. Aside from knowing where can artificial turf from Australian Synthetic Lawns be laid, identify also the best possible set of alternative solution you can apply. Though drought-stressed grass may look so bad and not so easy to recover, through proper planning and long patience, you’ll definitely figure how to make your grass greener. Take a look on these tips, which can help your lawn greener this coming summer season:

Water wisely. As much as possible, you should group plants that have similar watering requirement near each other. When your city experience terrible water restriction, you can ask help from the nearest synthetic lawn provider for any recommendation or suggestion. Immediately water your lawn when you see any signs of dryness.

Make it simple.  You don’t need to water your lawn each day.   Just through providing them an inch of water weekly, you can already make them healthier than ever.

Water evenly.  When you have sprinklers, be sure that you will distribute the water evenly all over your lawn. You can tell that you are doing it wrong through dry patches and discolored grass.

Mow higher. Once you start mowing your lawn, make sure you will mow a little bit higher on its blade, approximately 31/2 to 4 inches high.  This is to give your turf the opportunity to give protection on the soil from dying as well as help in conserving water.

Now that you’ve known how to preserve a lush-looking yard despite of the extreme condition of some places experience.  On the other hand, you can opt for artificial grass from http://www.australiansyntheticlawns.com.au/artificial-grass-for-dogs. Using it will require you no more to mow, water, weed and perform other task just to maintain a fully-manicured lawn.