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Wainscoting Kitchen Walls Is the Best Remodeling Idea

Kitchens are often overcrowded. A quick look around will remind you of the limited wall space. But somewhere around cabinetry, counters, and sinks, there are some walls which beg for your attention. And here’s where the wall renovation project begins. To make such considerations even more attractive, limited wall space means less money spend too.

A classic wainscoting might sound an outdated remodeling idea. But it’s not. Quite the contrary. You can use wainscots to play with ideas, colors, and styles. After all, the kitchen is one place you can exhaust all your imagination for the more playful results possible. And that’s because the kitchen itself is a room of creation. It’s already colorful and joyful thanks to all the kitchen assistants and the million & one small objects we keep in there. Wainscotings just come to complete the picture and rejuvenate the room with just a few moves.

Important considerations before wainscoting the kitchen

  • Think of the kitchen’s style. Will you need a classic or modern wainscoting design?
  • Measure the areas you will cover with the panel.
  • Consider the height of the kitchen to determine the height of the panels.
  • Take into account existing molding to match the wainscoting style.
  • Don’t forget the importance of colors. Think how you will use color schemes to make a visual impact that the kitchen is larger and brighter.

It’s important to remember that not all kitchens are the same. Some are small, some get more natural light. Some are isolated from the rest of the house and some are open plan. Always take such things into account. Alex Mouldings offered modern designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

Is this an open plan kitchen? Check the dining room raised panel

Most open plan kitchens are more elegant for the obvious reason that they are seen by everyone. So the question is: do you have a raised or flat panel in the dining room? In such cases, it’s best to keep the same style in the kitchen too. With the same wainscoting style, the eye will flow smoothly and the space will look bigger and more elegant. It’s also important to keep the colors in the same or similar tones. Also consider the style of the arched opening casing and make sure the style is similar. One common mistake during the installation of wainscoting is to overlap the casing. This won’t look nice. So make sure both the panel and chair rail stop where the casing begins.

Modern wainscoting ideas for closed kitchens

Closed kitchens offer you the chance to be really creative when it comes to wainscoting ideas. Not that visitors won’t come in your kitchen. But closed kitchens change our psychology. In a way, we expect them to be messier, playful, and colorful. So what you can do is:

  • Use beadboard for doors of cabinetry too
  • Place stencils on the panel
  • Put a magnetic board at the back and between the frame
  • Paint the wall or wainscoting an intense color

Remodeling the kitchen with wainscoting installation becomes easy

We would all agree that kitchen remodeling is not just about wainscoting installation. You will definitely need to make many changes, like adding shelves and enlarging the pantry to create more storage room.  You can replace plumbing and the faucet, paint the floor, or change the window treatments.

But installing a beadboard wainscoting will change completely the looks of the wall. And when walls change, the room is transformed. Since kitchen wall space is limited, you can use beadboard for the kitchen island or to cover the cabinet doors. You can even use it as a backsplash. Up until recently most of these areas were covered with tiles. And there is no denial that tiles are moisture resistant and today you can find splendid designs. But they don’t begin to compare with the elegance of wainscoting.

Wainscoting and painting go hand in hand

Somehow, wainscoting panels in any design and color manage to bring style in the room. And since you can cover the walls, backsplash area, island, cabinetry or even the ceiling with beadboard, your task becomes easy. Just be careful not to overdo it unless you are a fan of the cottage style. Don’t overdo it when it comes to colors either.

Painting wainscoting the right color is very important. Remember that some areas, like the island paneling and the backsplash, might need to stand out. So use another tone for such parts. It will add texture and depth. But don’t use too many colors around the kitchen. If you want to give the impression that the kitchen is white, play with different white tones including light gray. If you decide to paint the wall or panel a bright color, choose which one to paint. Keeping balances is essential to successful kitchen transformations.