Understanding HD channels and why you need them

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HD channels are the gateway to quality programming with crystal clear transmission. Take a DTH connection to avail of the wonders of HD television.

It was an exciting development in the early 1990s, when cable TV came to India. The entire world suddenly came much closer to us all through our TV sets. There was so much more programming to watch, across so many genres – news, lifestyle, music, movies, spirituality, kids’ programmes, etc. However, there was only the cable TV route to watching all these programmes; today, there is DTH (Direct To Home) technology.

The advantage of DTH is that it lets you choose the programmes you watch and only pay for those. So you have greater control over the channels being aired on your TV set. A bigger advantage is that DTH offers HD channels, which cable TV doesn’t. So your TV viewing experience is bigger, better and far richer than you could ever imagine.

HD TV – why you need it on your TV set

  • HD is an abbreviated form of the term ‘High Definition’. It offers a much higher depth of resolution than the standard SD channels, with more pixels packed into a square inch. This gives more detail in the picture as well as greater depth of colour.
  • However, you must have an HD-compatible set top box to be able to watch HD programmes. The transmission of the HD channel cannot be facilitated unless you have an HD set top box – you can get one when you take an Airtel HD DTH package.
  • At the moment, there are about 50 HD channels beaming transmission in India. You can get them all with an Airtel HD DTH package.
  • You will immediately notice the difference between SD and HD channels when you place a TV set with standard cable TV SD transmission, next to a TV set with HD transmission. SD channels are beamed without the need for any special TV configuration, though a set top box is needed in most Indian cities. But the quality that SD channels offer does not come remotely closed to that of the HD version.
  • While SD channels offer about 720 x 576 px resolution, HD offers 1920 x 1080 px resolution – a far higher resolution with stunning results. Hence, sporting matches, action movies, multiplayer gaming, even cookery shows, come alive and become as real as possible on your TV set. Why suffer with poor picture quality when you can superior TV programming in your home with a good DTH HD package?
  • Another advantage of having a DTH HD package is that there are fewer ads on the channels, so you get more uninterrupted programming time.

Choosing the best HD DTH package – courtesy Airtel

There are several DTH operators in India, but only leading ones like Airtel offer the right mix of superb pricing, multi-pack options, easy installation and excellent customer service. Airtel’s DTH HD packages provide all the HD and SD channels you need.

Check the channel packs available for your city (go to the Airtel website to browse for HD DTH packs and current offers). Airtel gives you an HD-compatible set top box and a universal remote that operates both your TV set and the set-up box.