How to Trouble Shoot Your Washing Machine When It Does Not Drain

Sometimes while transferring your clothes from washer to the dryer unit, you may observe that your clothes are still floating in the water, as the water is not draining out as expected. Instead of giving a call to your plumber, why not trouble shoot it all by yourself. If you can really solve the problem then you can at least save the service charges that you had to pay unnecessarily.

Whether you are using any LG washing machine or any other brand, such problem can occur in any of the washers. Following are few questions for which you need to find right answers. Also, note that before you attempt to trouble shoot your washer, you must switch off its main power by switching off the circuit breaker and also remove the source of water from the washer.

  1. Is it the drain hose that’s creating the problem?

Quite often it is the hose which carries water from the machine’s back can cause the drain not working. There can be kink in the pipeline that may be responsible for blocking the water flow. Also, it is possible that the washer is jammed too close to the wall that interferes water flow. Disconnect the drain hose and check with the help of flash light if there is any blockage. If it is difficult to reach the area of clogging within the pipe then use garden hose and run water through it to rinse the pipe. Then reconnect the pipe back.

  1. Is it the lid switch?

Sometimes lid switch can also be broken and it can prevent draining. Lid switch is small and made of plastic which is located under the door or lid of the washer. In order to check its function, open the washer and press the switch. If the click sound is missing then this switch is the culprit.

  1. Is it the belt?

You can locate the position of the belt by looking at the manufacturer’s diagram. Check if it is broken or damaged. Also check that it is not slipping out from its place.

  1. Now check the pump

Again, locate the position of the pump by looking at the manufacturer’s diagram of your Whirlpool washing machine and for that you need to open the panel. Just turn its blade and ensure that it is moving freely and nothing is missing or broken. Check the pump for any leakage or cracks. In case blades are damaged or the pump is leaking then it has to be replaced.

  1. Now check the drain

There is also the possibility of clogged drain due to which water is not going out of your tub. Try to see if you can clear the drain.

If after checking all the above you still cannot find any reason for not draining of water then you need to call the plumber to check the problem. Most of the parts that were mentioned above can however be replaced by you without taking any help from a professional.

If your washing machine has already exceeded more than 14 years of life then you must consider replacing it with a new one.