Three Reasons to Prioritize Mental Health

Most of us don’t think twice to visit a physician or pop a pill when we feel sick or catch a cold. However, we tend to neglect our mental challenges. Our endless worries, list of hopeless emotions and nagging nature are ignored like nothing is wrong. This is the dreadful state of mental health. According to a recent study, one in four Americans struggles with mental illnesses. And, only 30% of these individuals receive proper treatment. With this being said, is mental health important? Should you focus on your mental health too?

In this short article, you will read about why mental health is extremely important.

Reason #1 – Better Health

First of all, you need to be mentally fit to improve your physical health. There is an unbreakable bond between the body and mind. When you are going through physical problems, both your family and professional life will be affected. You will not be able to engage in amusing or important activities. This will eventually result in depression, stress, and anxiety. A study conducted by Health Services Research proved that there is a strong connection between health problems and the mind. People with physical issues are three times like to visit doctors for mental care. Just like physical conditions, mental problems can affect your physical health. For example, you will experience impaired immunity or sleep disturbances. The moment your mental health improves, you will see drastic changes in your physical status too! A study in 2003 reveals that curing depression can help patients with critical problems like arthritis.

Reason #2 – Financial Stability

Do you know that better mental health can increase financial stability and productivity? Leaves, absence from important meetings and the high cost of mental care can destroy your household economy. A lot of people go homeless and declare bankruptcy due to mental illnesses. More than 70% of people in the US with mental illnesses had an income of 20,000 USD or less a year. Some of these people lived with only 5000 USD!

                Many studies have found that people with mental stability and better health earn more than those with mental illnesses. And, untreated patients with mental illnesses are mostly homeless; this sums up to 16% of the inmate population in the US.

As you improve your mental condition, you will be able to avoid such consequences. You are more likely to make money and stay happy! Mental health is an essential ingredient for happiness.

Reason #3 – To Avoid Crimes

Untreated mental conditions can increase the risk of violent crimes. People who are mentally unstable are more likely to use drugs and consume alcohol. Most individuals fight against dear ones and their social circle. A study conducted at Psychiatric Services, North Carolina figured that people with severe untreated mental problems were 2.7 times likely to cause violent crimes. This includes crimes like assaults, murders, and theft.

On the whole, mental health should be prioritized! When you care for your mind, you will take control of your body too! Thus, you will live longer and happier.

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