Things That Could Increase Speed in a Telephone-Based Sales Department


You’ve probably heard it said that in some cases, timing is everything. When you work in an inbound sales department where all communications occur on telephones, the first word in that familiar saying could be replaced with the word speed, because slow response times or other speed-based blunders usually make customer satisfaction levels go down. Fortunately, some features that are part of inside sales software could help you enjoy a perpetually efficient call center.

Built-In Analytics


It’s not enough to merely go with a gut instinct when figuring out what’s working well and what isn’t in a call center where sales calls occur at a rapid pace. That’s why it’s important to look for technological solutions that include features such as activity tracking and history-based analytics. When you can quickly access data that shows call center performance across time, as well as how long sales agents typically take to complete each interaction with a customer, it’ll be easier to figure out whether it’s time to make changes because the overall speed of business operations is not to your satisfaction.

Integration With Salesforce


If your establishment is like many contact centers, you keep track of inside sales in Salesforce. It’s now possible to purchase a solution that combines your communication interface and Salesforce content in one place. Then, sales agents can access everything they need in seconds, eliminating the need to switch between two kinds of software and cause calls to take longer than necessary.

Call Recording


A worthwhile inside sales software suite should always offer the ability to record calls. Many of the people who talk to your sales agents probably expect efficient communications. If they don’t get results that exceed or meet those expectations, they won’t respond favorably to sales pitches and may never do business with your establishment again.

Call recording allows you to see how your employees are saving time with customers, plus the things they might be doing that slow down the process. Sometimes, the things that fall into the latter category aren’t fully detrimental. For example, to build rapport, some sales agents may be a bit too conversational. When speed is a priority, it’s crucial to maintain a delicate balance between being friendly and professional for the best outcomes.

These three components of inside sales software aren’t the only features that boost speed in your telephone-centered sales facility. However, they’re worth knowing more about if you’re always looking for ways to maximize efficiency and encourage better performance.