The Best Navigation Device for Your Car

The world that we live in is gradually turning smart devices on a daily basis, such as smartphones which are app-driven to perform several tasks. This leads to one asking if the valuable GPS hasn’t  lost its once innovative relevance. Google maps and Waze perform a lot of functions such as real-time traffic reporting, turn-by-turn navigation, voices guidance, crowd-sourced alerts and satellite-tracked speed. This would make you wonder if it really a wise decision to spend money on purchasing a GPS device. Well, an in-car GPS device performs much more functions than you could imagine beyond the convention use.

The trend of navigation device in the current period of existence is totally different from what we know. It used to be as you can get advanced driver assistance features, voice commands, Bluetooth connectivity, geo-based recommendations and a lot more on an HD display.

If you are thinking of getting a GPS device according to the current trend of navigation device, then,  you might want to consider the 7 inch Android OS Portable Handheld GPS Device with Car DVR and Back up camera.

Let’s take a look at this amazing device:

7 inch Android OS Portable Handheld GPS Device with Car DVR and Back up camera

Technology has affected the trend of navigation device because you can use a certain device for several things like navigation, parking camera, driving recorder(DVR), e-book reader, MP3 /MP4 player and much more.

The 7-inch portable handheld GPS device is a GPS navigation android pad that performs more than one function and is the game changer in navigation technology with its several special features which we will take a look at one after the other.

Below are a few features:

The LCD screen has a high resolution of 800 x 400 and it is a 5 capacitive touch screen which makes the display one of a kind for a device of the manner. Other remarkable features are the ARM11 CPU with Cortex A7 x 4, 1.3GHz, and SDRAM of 512 MB, inbuilt memory of 8 GB which can be expanded up to 16 GB, a TF memory slot along with a speaker with an output power of 1.5W/8R.

The operating system of the 7-inch android portable handheld GPS device is the android 4.4.2 and its GPS module consists of an inbuilt main chip/inbuilt sensitive antenna. It also comes with pre-installed map software as requested by you which is one of the main purposes of purchasing this device.

Other features are an FM transmitter with full frequency of 76-108 MHz, Video player, reads in several languages, IGO/Navitel/Sygic navigation software, 2.0 M DVR camera, back up camera, Bluetooth connectivity, e-book reader and much more.

This device is one of a kind, bound to make your driving experience a pleasant one because of its special features. The current trend of navigation device makes navigation totally different than what it used to be. Why not get one for your car today?