Switch to a new operator in 5 easy steps

Are you unhappy with your mobile service provider’s services and postpaid plan? Switch to a leading provider like Airtel in just a few steps.

A few years ago, the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) made it mandatory for all mobile service providers in the country to allow their customers to migrate to other providers without changing their numbers. The process is known as Mobile Number Portability (MNP), which allows you to make the switch from your current provider to another one.

If you are unhappy with your current service provider and wish to port to a leading one like Airtel postpaid, then you need to read on.

How to port from your existing provider to Airtel postpaid

1 Initiate the porting with your current provider: You must start by informing your current mobile provider about your porting needs. The provider will try to talk you out of porting by offering you a cheaper plan with more data. You can either choose to take a new plan, or reiterate your request for porting. Ask them to start the porting process, or send SMS PORT <Your 10-digit mobile number> to 1900. This is the TRAI porting nodal number which forwards your request to your current provider. You will receive a porting code in an SMS – do not delete this text because you will need the porting code to check the MNP status and also submit the same to Airtel.

2 Complete the porting procedure as directed: Your current provider will now start the process of disconnecting your services. This should take about a couple of days, but the number is not disconnected till you settle the final bill with the provider. Once your dues are settled, the number is disconnected, and you will receive a message alerting you about the same. You must preserve this text and the MNP status text comprising the TRAI code to show to Airtel.

3 Approach Airtel with your request for a new postpaid connection: Now you log on to the Airtel website and request for the porting – state the TRAI code when prompted to do so. Or you can go to the nearest Airtel store and fill out an application form for a new postpaid connection via porting. Once your application form is submitted, Airtel will ask for ID proof and address proof (Passport/Aadhaar card can suffice for both) with the form to proceed with the request.

4 Wait for verification to be complete: Airtel will now physically verify your address – an Airtel executive will visit your residence to ascertain your credentials and submit a report to the company. This process should not take more than 48 hours after you make the application. During this time, you can keep checking the MNP status with Airtel if you don’t hear from them.

5 Start using your new Airtel postpaid connection: After the verification process, Airtel approves your request for a new postpaid connection. You will receive an alert on your phone that the connection will become active in a few hours. By this time, your current provider will have curtailed your services, so if you have no network or your phone is essentially dead, then it means that the porting has taken place. You can insert the Airtel SIM card and then set it up as directed in a couple of steps. That’s it – you have successfully ported to Airtel in just 5 steps!