Sandy and rocky beaches in the South of Malta

South Beaches of Malta

Are you already tired from the struggles 2018 brought you? Can’t wait to put your swimsuit on? Well, summer is not coming fast enough but at least you can book your beachy holiday in Malta already. Go ahead and look at the most beautiful Maltese beaches of the south.

St. Thomas Bay

The child-friendly sandy beach in St. Thomas Bay is one of the most convenient beaches in Malta to spend a day with a family. Shallow coast, crystal clear azure water and pure golden sand willkeep children occupied and entertained all day long.There is also a children’s playground just 50 metres away from the beach.There are few cafeterias and bars in the area as well, so you can always buy some drinks and snacks for yourself or your little ones.

St. Thomas Bay is also a great place to spend a day relaxing on a boat. If you have one, you can visit the blue waters of St. Thomas Bay and spend extraordinary time swimming, snorkelling and relaxing with your family and friends. If you don’t own a boat, you can always rent one and have a unique beach experience on Malts serene Mediterranean Sea.

If travelilng with small children, St Thomas Bay is more than recomended for a long beach day. There are a public convenience, public showers and a baby changing roomjust minutes away from the beach, so mummies can enjoy their sun bathing without any worries or inconvenience. To top it up, there is always a lifeguard who will watch and take care after your little ones at St. Thomas Bay. Safety first!

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Rinella Bay

For those who cherish a more private experience, Rinella Bayis the “cherry on the cake”!Rinella Bay is a miniature, almost hidden beach on the south cost of Malta. There is also a very small, child-friendly sandy part with shallow waters. Easily accessed by car or public transport,Rinella Bay will offer convenience of few cafeterias located just near the beach. You can even catch cafeteria Wi-Fi in the very water! Just keep an eye on your little ones while posting amazing pictures on your social media.

Ix-Xghajra Beach

Another beach for those who seek to enjoy privacy and a quiet time with family or friends, Xghajra presents travellers with natural pool type rocky beaches. There are so many little pools made by nature on the coast of Xghajra, all you need is choose one.

Xghajra Beach will be most enjoyed by families with children who are at least 10 years old. Even though the beaches are stunning, the rocky coast requires caution when swimming.On the other hand, snorkelers will have the best time of their lifeon this beach.The amazingly-coloured sea bottom full of great sea fauna and flora, small fish, sea urchins, crabs, shrimps and even an octopus will captivate and enthral children and adults alike. And parents will have easy time keeping an eye on their siblings since they would be swimming in a “small beach” the size of a pool.

Food and drinks can be purchased from the pizzeria and restaurant located by the coast, and one is bound to find a good parking space within short distance of the beach since Xaghra is not a crowded place at all.

St. Peter’s Pool

Once a secret beach where young gentlemen used to take young ladies on romantic dates, St. Peters Pool is now open to the public eye. It’s one of the most impressive beaches in Malta. The perfectly shaped deepcircle pool with crystal clear water makes it one of the main attractions in the south of Malta. Unfortunately, during peak summer season this beach could be a little bit crowded, but still worth visiting anyway.

St. Peters Pool is a great place for an active family. Considering that you will have to walk down a hill to get to the beach, it’s better if you don’t have to carry young children or heavy things with you. Even though access to the beach is a bit tricky, the experience is rewarding. You can go rock jumping, diving or snorkelling, or simply enjoy the unique view of open sea.

Don’t underestimate this beach for being rocky. You won’t believe how comfortable sunbathing on flat rocks can bring. Can you imagine unpacking your stuff after a day at the beach and it’s all sand-free? And not only that -nature did an amazing job of sculpting St. Peter’s Pool. The oddly shaped,natural craters make for an out-of-earth experience, you can almost feel like walking on the moon.  If beach day on the moon is not exotic enough, then what is?

Pretty Bay

Pretty Bay- the name says everything. This wide, fine line of the whitest sand located in Birzebbuga is very pretty. This beach, which is very popular with children, is really true to its name. This beach has all the amenities one may require: lots of space, shallow waters, cafeterias and convenience shops all around the beach, easily accessible by car or public transport.

Birgu Beach

For those who seek unusual secret beaches, this one with a view of the Capital City of Valletta, is a perfect choice. A small, plain rocky beach just behind the Fort St. Angelo, it will captivate you with its beautiful view of the capital. This beach is little known that you will probably enjoy a stay there for yourself. Birgu beach is very well lit up so if you plan on going for a midnight walk by the sea, this little piece of rock is just perfect.

Access to Birgu beach is just as adventurous as the beach itself. The best way to get there is to catch a ferry from Valletta and ask a boat captain to drop you exactly on the spot. Believe it or not, the ferry trip from Valletta to this beach will take only five minutes. Birgu city is crowded with barsand restaurants, so refreshing drinks are always available just a few minutes away from the beach.

Birgu beach is absolutely convenient for boat owners, or people who are planning to rent one. Birgu is the largest port in Malta and hosts hundreds of yachts. There’s a spot for your boat somewhere too!

Everyone is sure to find a perfect beach for themselves in the south of Malta. Enjoy the most extraordinary beach holiday here and leave all the worries in the continent.

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