Why Small Business Owners Need A Business Attorney

It is a major accomplishment to finally become a successful small business owner. There is no doubt that you have put in many hours of hard work to finally reach your dreams, but with success comes more responsibilities. The job of a small business owner becomes more tedious and complicated as the business grows. There are more opportunities that open up, but there are also more challenges ahead.

A must-have for all successful small businesses is a reliable and dependable business attorney Ashburn VA residents can trust. Here are the top reasons why having an attorney is worth the investment:

1. Business Structuring

There are many ways to structure a small business and many owners aren’t aware of these options. There is the typical sole proprietorship, but the business can also be structured as an LLC, a nonprofit, or as a corporation. Each of these options come with their pros and cons, the best way to ensure you are structuring your small business correctly is to consult with a business attorney.

The attorney will provide you with the necessary information and choices so that you abide by the law while also taking into account how liabilities, taxes, and other legalities that will affect your small business.

2. Correctly Handling Employee Issues

No matter how good you are at handling your employees, there is always a need for a business attorney Ashburn VA. There are several instances where a third party needs to come in to expertly handle issues to prevent them from escalating further.

Everything from employee contracts to proper employee dismissal can be handled by a trusted attorney. This will help you avoid any business damaging issues in the future.

3. Dealing With The Government

Anytime your small business becomes an interest to the local or national government, you will need a business lawyer on your side. Whether the reason is due to an employee complaint that requires an investigation done by the labor department or due to some problems with your taxes, having an attorney gives you an advantage.

Never take on the government and its many branches without legal counsel. Even if you are innocent of any wrongdoing, a lawyer will help you through every step of the way without compromising your business any further.

4. Selling Or Purchasing A Small Business

During the negotiations for a sale or the purchase of a small business, a lawyer must be present. These are major and complex business transactions that require a mountain of paperwork, which is made easier when there is an experienced business attorney handling the legalities. Everything from the transfer permits to the writing of the acquisition agreements will be handled by your attorney.

There is less risk of fraud and breach of contracts when the sale or purchase is documented properly.

A Business Attorney’s Value

Whether it is for a simple consultation, creation of legal and binding documents, or even as a retainer, a business attorney offers a lot of services for small businesses. The attorney will keep your business in check to ensure you are following all the rules, regulations, and laws required by the country.
Whether you need guidance on existing laws affecting your business or need the services of a business attorney Ashburn VA, contact Dominion Legal. We listen, understand, and deliver.