Shooting and Posture Techniques

A very common question among shooter is, “How can I get more aim and shoot faster and more accurately?”

In reality, it’s just a matter of training and technique. Therefore, today’s subject is basically to show some correct tactics and postures at the time of the shot so that you can successfully hit your target! Let’s go:

First, before training, it is important that you respect all safety procedures. How to: leave your finger off the trigger, aim the gun in a safe area and hold the gun firmly, among others.


The ideal posture is very similar to the fighting posture. Keep your feet longer than your shoulders and the strongest foot slightly back for more stability.

Keep the knees slightly bent and average 70% of forward weight of feet. The spine should remain straight, but the chest should be slightly inclined at the waist forward.


Place your palm as high as possible on the back of the gun. Then place the middle of your finger directly under the bush guard. The thumb should be up so that you can manipulate the lock, and at the same time, you also leave a good space to fit the other hand (support hand). This way, the support hand will make full contact with the wrist plate.

Holster draw:

The first thing is to adjust the holster the easiest way for you. The faster you draw the weapon, the faster your attack will be. There are different positions from the moment you draw your weapon until you shoot.


A very common position in combat and it is also very important that you have knowledge to shoot at these times. You must leave one knee on the floor and one leg in front of the body. Your strong knee is what you put on the floor, the other leg in front of your body needs to be very flexed so that looking down, it is physically impossible for you to see your toes. In the meantime, your chest should be slightly tilted forward so that it is easier to control the recoil.

Shooting on the go:

Shooting on the move is one of the most dynamic activities in shooting. But it’s not that simple, it takes balance and a lot of precision. For fast shooting you also must have multiple filled magazine and have quick mag loader to reload the magazine fast.