Sharing Your Past with Your Child

As a mom or dad, do you do all you can to sharing your past with your child?

Sure, some things you may decide are better left to you. That said there are going to be things you’d want to share with your son or daughter. Some of these may well be from back when you were a child too.

So, what are some things you might share with your young one?

Give Your Kid Insight into Your Childhood

In thinking about the things you could and should share with your child, you might go all the way back to when their age.

What were your experiences like as a kid? Did you have the childhood in retrospect you wanted? Are there things you will or are doing different as a parent now you wish your parents would have done?

There is always time and opportunity as a parent to reflect back on things.

For instance, do you ever sit down with your child when they are old enough to and watch movies or TV shows from your past?

Whether you do a best Revenge of the Nerds movie review or others, show them what was going on back in the day.

Some television shows and movies stand the test of time no matter the decade. Take that into consideration when you and your child watch something from long ago. There is a good chance they will figure out what is going on and not seem out of touch.

Along with entertainment you and your kid can enjoy as one, how about sharing sports.

If you were an athlete back in your day as a kid, there’s a good chance you passed along your love for sports to your child.

With that in mind, you may well want to encourage them to try a few sports.

Although it is never wise to force a child into any sport, let them go out for one or more to see what they may like. Doing this allows them to see what they are good at and enjoy doing. You might even end up with a child playing many sports before you know it.

If your son or daughter does end up involved with sports, be as encouraging as possible for them.

A child tends to perform better when one or both parents are there watching and supporting them. That said do not pressure them or make them feel as if you are angry at them if they do not do well.

Reunions Are Good for Your Kids Too

Along with showing your child some of your past, you can consider having family reunions.

Such reunions allow your child to learn even more about you as a parent. They can also find out details about older members of the family and what their childhoods were like.

At the end of the day, your child can never learn too much about where he or she comes from.

Start planning such a reunion and give your kid the opportunity to create some memories of their own.

When you give your kid a good childhood, take time to reflect on the great job you’ve done as a parent up to now.