Pixar Characters Conceptualized as Cars

All cars have a personality. Whether consciously or subconsciously, you choose a car that makes you feel good, that reflects your personality and meets your needs.

Click Mechanic has answered the question of, “What happens when your childhood memories meet your car?” The online car repair shop, based in London, England has shown that they have a sense of humor and creativity.

On June 27, 2017, Click Mechanic released a colorful blog post detailing what they think Pixar characters would look like if they were turned into cars.

The beloved, amiable, Western friend, Woody is conceptualized as a Ford F100 pickup truck. The cartoon-like image is adorned with a cowboy hat and bandana.

Woody’s buddy, Buzz Lightyear is also conceptualized as a car. Buzz is imagined as an Infiniti Q20. The futuristic car has sleek lines and a bubble-like windshield. One could imagine George Jetson being a fan of this style.

Click Mechanic’s imagination doesn’t stop there. Mr. Incredible is recreated as the giant Land Rover Discovery LR4. The bulky four door gas guzzler has enough room inside its doors as Mr. Incredible does in his heart.

Contrasted with Mr.Incredible is Edna Mode. The villain of Mr. Incredible’s story is small which is also reflective of the size of her heart. Edna is portrayed as a Fiat 500. The Italian made car has room enough for a just a few, just like Edna’s life.

Finally, the most lovable robot, Wall-E is portrayed as Google’s self-driving car. The independent, yet mostly lonely Wall-E, is similar to Google’s human-less car. With a mission to complete and no one to do it with, the car and robot have a lot in common. Both the car and robot have important tasks to do, as man-made metal creations.

Click Mechanic has shown their creativity and knowledge of cars in general with their car/character conceptualizations.

Image Source: ClickMechanic,