Pass A Hair Follicle & Urine Drug Test With Clear Choice Sub-Solution

Another almost fail-proof way to pass a drug test is synthetic urine. You can find this online or even in some stores or head shops. You could always ask a friend, but with that comes the awkward questions and moments. If you are willing to ask someone you know is clean, then feel free to. Now the hard part how do you get away with this. Most labs that I know of don’t have an associate standing next to you or even in the same room as you when you perform the test. If that is the case bring a small bottle put it under your armpit or in between your legs as most tests are heat sensitive. This fake urine needs to be almost exactly at body temperature, or you will not pass due to complications. There are many why to sneak this in, whether it be small travel bottles or fake private parts. I will say it again though; you must be careful of the temperature of this synthetic urine. You can click here to view more about a special type of fake urine.  

One maybe not so obvious choice, which to me would be more obvious but it is not is exercise. The majority of THC and some other drugs are attached to fat cells. So this goes out to the majority of marijuana users. If you stay healthy and exercise, believe it or not, you can burn off a lot of the THC in your body, you will still need a flush, but this will make that flush more effective. So live a healthy life and your body will be able to flush any toxins or drugs out of your body faster. This option is one of the best remedies you can do in addition to just about anything else on this list. Having high activity in your weekly routine can truly help with cutting down the toxins that attach themselves to your fat cells.  

Another easy aid in passing a test would be eating a lot of leafy greens. Yes, I do mean a lot. Some examples are kale, bok choy, spinach, arugula, romaine and collard greens. There are many more as well you can try as well. The idea is the plants have a lot of fiber and can help aid in the flushing of the toxins in your system. This will not work alone though; you will still need to drink lots of water or another type of flush. Another benefit from this is that it can help with the color of your urine. Did you know that this even works for a hair follicle test? Give it some thought and visit this website to learn about passing a hair follicle test. Sometimes having color to your urine is a good thing as I have mentioned above, depending on the test giver having watered down urine can cause suspicion and maybe even result in a failure.  

Healthy fats can be another way to help not only color your urine but also divert from your own fat that is carrying some of the toxins. Eating cold water fish, avocado, almonds, fish oil pills, whole eggs, cheeses, full-fat yogurt, and coconut can reduce the amount of body fat that is burned, therefore, reducing the number of toxins released into blood and urine. Once again this is not something that works just by itself, you will still need to add some other elements in order to pass the test truly.