Low carb meal replacement smoothies to try

Carbohydrates; fitness freaks shudder at the very mention of the word. Persons trying to lose weight run away at the mere thought of consuming them. One can very well hear “low carb, gluten free” tags being slapped onto every food item available today. Avoiding carbs like the plague has become a lifestyle these days. Now, when it comes to cutting them from one’s diet, we leave it out to our audience to decide what’s right and what’s wrong, but for the weight watchers and fitness freaks, here is a splendid idea to cut down on carbs and the hassles of preparing full special mealLow carb meal replacement smoothies.

Smoothies and shakes, in today’s world, are increasingly being used as effective alternatives to consuming fully fledged meals, as they pack in all the wholesome goodness and essentials nutrients of a full meal, without the troubles of preparation, cutting, cooking and all that stuff. Just whack all the ingredients into a blender and blitz away! That is as easy as it gets.

Go the smoothie way

Now, a variety of methods and options are available today to aid the no-carb movement. First off, the base of the smoothie must be appropriately chosen, with a low calorie option being preferred. Water is the best choice, with fat free milk and almond milk following soon after. Soy or almond milk also packs in a nice amount of protein, whilst keeping the carb quantity low. Unsweetened milk is the way to go here.

You can use almost anything

As for the ingredients, it doesn’t get much better than fruits. They are the best sources of energy, proteins and other essential nutrients, while minimizing the carb content and delivering a healthy, fulfilling experience. If someone does not prefer fresh fruit, they can also go for avocado gazpacho, full of wholesome nutrients and low on the calorie counter.

Nuts, dry fruits and the likes are also very good sources of nutrients, while keeping the smoothie on the right end of the carbohydrate spectrum. Nut butter, for that matter, can also be a good choice for including essential fats in the smoothie as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan that weight loss diet with some awesome low carb meal replacement smoothies!