List of essential things which you must keep in mind before going on a road trip

Road trips are full of excitement, joy and fun. They allow you to have some steam with your family and friends. But, long journeys can be quite inconvenient and tedious especially when you are not prepared with. That’s why you should make sure to keep everything well prepared before time and heading out for a journey.

Some important things to consider –

Have look at your car –One of the most important thing which you must keep in mind before going on a road trip is to check the condition of your car. Get its servicing done two or three days before and if car was serviced recently, then make sure no stone is left behind ensuring no glitch. No one wants their car should break down in middle of long journey. That’s why it’s better to get it checked by mechanic before you start your car for takeoff. Some important things which one must check include cables, battery, terminals and more. Along with this, make sure that your car fuel tank is also filled.

Take care of tires – It is must to make sure that car tires are inflated to right angle and degree. In addition to this, make sure your car have a spare tire and should be inflated. So that in event of tire puncture, you can use spare tire and it will be a life saver for you and your family especially when there is no repairing or mechanic shop around. You can have peace of mind by having tubeless tires as they are safe. But, at the same time it is also advised to keep puncture repair kit so that if you are stuck somewhere then can get yourself out of any problem.

Pack essential equipment –The most vital part of any road trip is to pack some essential equipment and items as you never know when and where you will need them. There are many things which you should pack in a separate bag some of them include flashlight, first aid kit, foot pump, icebox, navigation system, emergency numbers etc. Along with all these things, you should also have a mobile holder, mosquito repellent, music speaker, road trip clothing and waterproof coats.

Get online and offline map – Planning a road trip has never been so easy, but all thanks to navigation system, paper maps and online maps because of which now you can reach your destination within time. Although, it is highly recommended to carry offline map in your bag pack but, as you all know technology has exceeded so much that you can track routes and even measure distance with help of Google Map street view.Google map help you in navigating routes with much ease and in no time. In fact, you can even download maps if travelling to remote area where internet connectivity is no or minimal.

Check fluids level, windshield and lights –You should always check coolant/water and oil levels. Leakage of coolant or water can cause consequent failure and overheating of engine. Along with this, make sure washer windscreen reservoir is full. Also check headlights and wiper blades, they must be cleaned and most importantly should be in good working condition. In fact, keep a pack of coolant and engine oil. These two components are quite important that run out easily during journey and may not found on roads so easily.