Learning English abroad in Malta

Why study English

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are that you’re aware that English cannot be ignored in today’s world.It’s the second most spoken language in the world, an official language in 53 countries, and spoken by over 1.5 billion people – that’s 20% of the world’s population.  Clearly, learning English is definitely a good idea, and the best way to do that is to jump right into the language. That’s why many students opt to study English abroad in an English-speaking country, like Malta and Gozo.

Studying English abroad might be pricy, however when you weigh out the pros and cons, you’ll come out as the winner.  If you’re serious about learning English, there is no faster and more effective way to do so. Of course, you need to choose the location wisely – which is why we recommend studying English in Malta.  It’s got the perfect balance of quality and price – that goes for English courses as well as living in general. Why Malta?

  1. It’s an ex-British colony with English as an official language

As an ex-British colony, English is an official language in Malta, and heavily present in daily life.  It’s fair to say that most of the locals speak English. While you might find some people who don’t speak English, it’s the exception rather than the norm.  Apart from the residents, there are also a lot of expats who relocated to Malta.

When you’re constantly surrounded by the language, there’s no switching off from the language. You’ll practically need to use English all the time – it stops being the language you’re studying and becomes the language you need.  Your survival instincts kick in, and all your anxiety and fears about speaking English vanish. Because of this, learning English does become easier, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to magically learn English just by being in the country.  It also requires a lot of work and commitment, and willingness to communicate with others. Of course, it doesn’t mean that learning English abroad can’t be fun.

  1. When it comes to schools, you’re in good hands

With the above considered, English language schools in Malta generally offer high-quality tuition.  Of course, this can’t be taken for granted – so to be sure that you’ve chosen the right school, you need to do your research.  To be able to judge the quality of the school, you should check the following criteria:

  • The accreditations, licenses and award (these institutions offer quality assurance checks)
  • The physical environment of the school and its facilities (some schools have interactive boards in all classrooms, bright and modern classrooms.  Others do not).
  • The course material and structure.
  • The size of the school (large schools have less time to give you, can’t accommodate your requests as easily)
  1. Malta is full of surprises

Studying abroad is a chance to explore a new country and a new culture while learning English – and Malta might be tiny, but it’s full of surprises.  Be it history, food, beaches, sports or culture – Malta’s got tons to offer.

  1. Life in Malta is pretty good

When it comes to standards of living, Malta’s high up on the list.  The sun shines for most of the year, every corner is a gorgeous photograph waiting to happen, fresh and healthy food is in abundance and finding part-time work is relatively easy.  It’s the island life – life moves slower on Malta and Gozo, and the laid-back attitude is infectious.

With the number of expats in Malta, it’s clear that people have caught on to how amazing this Mediterranean country is. Apart from the language learning benefits, living abroad comes with many perks – all of which can be experienced to the fullest in Malta.

Finding yourself alone in a different country is an opportunity to grow as a person.  Along the way you’ll meet unique people with amazing stories to tell, and collect some stories of your own. By the end of it, you’ll have a global perspective on life, allowing you to step away from the limitations of your culture and upbringing. Living in an island with such a varied history and present will surely challenge you in such a way.Many who’ve done it describe it as an enriching and life-changing experience.

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Learn English Abroad in Malta

We can give you a thousand reasons as to why you should Learn English Abroad in Malta but we will only mention the most popular: amazing weather all year round; friendly locals who speak English; an island country dotted with beautiful and safe beaches!