Is Catering the business for you?

The first you need to have is a passion for cooking and mixing while others eat. If you are keen on the idea of offering your dishes to an audience and have them eat your food while you are busy working in the kitchen, then a catering business may be ideal for you.

There is an excellent variety of events in which a Catering Business can offer services and products, from weddings to corporate functions. The multiple opportunities that individuals find to celebrate and share with the ones they love are great working moments. People love to share a good laugh and have a drink. This is a type of entertainment that is not tied to a specific place or venue. Houses, parks, offices, you name it. There are tons of places where a catering service could go and provide an excellent service.

These are some of the qualities that you need to check to know if the catering business is your thing:

Organization: are you organized? Planning an event can be a mess if the steps are not well organized. It is necessary to have a place where everything is written down, for instance, names, locations, attendees, budget, ingredients, personnel. Many details could be easily forgotten. You may need to find a catering and banquet solution to help you out with that.

Creativity: some clients are looking for something more than just a couple of subs and a soda. Some events require your artistic side to shine and offer creative and fun food solutions. Birthdays and weddings are the perfect examples of events that will need more than just a simple meal.

Love for a challenge: the catering business is not for the weak. There will be unexpected difficulties in the middle of an event. You may run out of the water, or some vital piece of equipment could end up broken. The asset here is to use your intelligence to solve the situation and carry on with the event and plan for redundancy in critical aspects.

Small facilities, wide scope

One of the main advantages of starting a catering business is the small initial overheads for running the business. There is a possibility of having a small commercial office at the beginning or even run it from home. You can offer your services and use external venues when needed. Your job will take you to the place where the event is going to be held, and that will be the space you have to use.

Some Catering meals are just to be picked up, and you have to pay small attention to how the food is delivered and served. This is also a good option if you don’t have the necessary equipment to go and take the food to the event.

Renting equipment is useful

Some events need unusual equipment. This can be expensive for a small business, and the best option would be to rent it. This way, you can offer the service to your clients and at the same time save some costs in the equipment that is not often used.

Tables, cutlery, and crockery can also be rented, but with time it is better to have your own. These are products that you will use continuously, and it is better to have them available at all times.

Possible clients for caterers

  1. Institutions, government and companies: meeting, meeting and more meetings. Corporate clients are always planning for the next meeting, and they usually need a small snack and maybe a mini bar for some of them. They can also call for parties and cocktails although this may be a little less usual. You need to be ready to offer simple meals and also elaborate dishes for the big events.
  2. Social: this is the category that involves birthdays, weddings, receptions, anniversaries and more. They usually involve a large number of guests and more elaborate dishes. This menu needs to offer some main dishes, dessert and drinks.
  3. Culture clients: Museums, libraries, Opera houses. These are some of the places that could need catering services and are at the same time related to cultural events. Their needs are varied since the places and the expected audience can be very different from one event to another.

These are just some of the things you need to know about Catering business before deciding if this is the right choice for you.