Integrate Instagram & Email Marketing for Boosting Sales Revenue of Your Business

Businesses that have been nurturing the conventional email marketing until now, would actually feel envious of the amazing reach and the incredible volume of social media marketing. You would certainly be impressed by the phenomenal growth rate of the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter etc. However, you simply cannot overlook the immense potential and possibilities that email marketing actually has to offer. So, it would be a nice idea to combine the versatile email marketing with the mind-blowing social media platforms.

Many businesses feel that email is dead and they could chalk out a marketing strategy without the email marketing plan. This is quite a wrong idea. There are numerous happy and satisfied individual consumers, and businesses that use email marketing in a big way. You must appreciate that social media platforms and emails are supposed to be the two different sides of a coin. Both are known for their individual value. However, when combined together they could bring wonderful results.

Utilize Social Media for Engaging and Generating Leads

Social media platforms such as Instagram are email marketers favorite choice because such sites have tremendous reach and engagement. Instagram boasts over 800 million MAUs. Therefore, all brands would love to find a strategic place on the platform to boost brand visibility and engagement so that there are effective conversions.  In this context, you must understand why brands are most interested to choose Instagram as their platform for successful brand promotion and marketing. Instagram’s function is to boost brand visibility and go on nurturing the leads into conversions. You may boost subscribers of email marketing and also followers for Instagram by optimizing your Instagram profile.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The first thing you must do to get fresh new email leads is embedding a link to the sign-up form in the profile bio section. These online forms are supposed to be really useful in creating top quality leads relevant to your precise email marketing campaigns.

You do not need to get worked up about generating the sign-up forms as you have access to a host of professional email marketing services that could be hired by you to provide perfect customized sign-up forms to integrate into your Instagram along with some other popular social media accounts.

Make sure that the tailor-made sign-up form is really easy and convenient to fill in and has adequate fields to effectively capture the lead’s profile. You must ensure that the form is not so extensive that people are actually exasperated and decide to quit.

You must offer incentives to your loyal Instagram users for signing up. It is certainly a smart decision and a wonderful strategy to think about offering attractive incentives to all your Instagram followers and give them something of high worth to them. The incentives could typically include promo codes, special discounts, product samples, and even free tickets to some contests etc.


Once you get an impressive number of signups for a particular email campaign, the first step is to send useful content to the subscribers. Moreover, you may consider offering deals and even discounts that would be delivering value and your email subscribers would remain loyal to your brand.

Author Bio: Bob Taylor is a social media specialist working for a top digital Marketing consulting firm. He is a passionate blogger and his latest series of blog posts are mostly about ways how SMEs could organically gain more and more real followers for Instagram.