What Does the Host Provide at a BYO Alcohol Party?

BYO alcohol parties have something of an unfair reputation for being cheap. The reality is, however, that sometime you want to party even when you’re on a budget! A good BYO alcohol party is fun and budget-friendly, and there’s certainly something to love there. But if the guests are bringing along their own booze, what’s left for the host to do?

Well, plenty, actually. It all starts with the food situation. Sure, you can turn the party into a potluck or one dish affair, but if you don’t want to do that, then you’re in charge of the food. You’ll also be responsible for the entertainment! Before hosting BYO alcohol party, always remember to make it clear to your guests that they’re in charge of bringing their own booze. It wouldn’t do to have confusion on that essential front!

The Food

As already mentioned, if the party is a one-dish affair, you can rest easy after providing for the main dish. Your guests will then be responsible for the side dishes. Provide your guests with the information they need about how much food to make, and make sure to keep food items balanced. It’s also important to factor in what a particular guest is actually interested in or comfortable with bringing. Always provide your guests with a list of options they can choose from, and let them know that both home-cooked and store-bought options are perfectly acceptable.

If you’re not going for a potluck, you can simply order in some pizza or pasta to keep your guests well-fed.

Bar Essentials

You may not be supplying the booze, but as the host, you still need to be considerate enough to provide bar essentials. By this we mean basic stuff for mixers like Coke or soda, salt and ice. And make sure you have the right kinds of glasses. Have shot glasses for when the party’s really kicking into high gear, as well as wine glasses for the wine, rocks glasses for cocktails and flutes for champagnes. Your guests are much more likely to have a great time if they’re drinking from the appropriate glasses.

Convenient Fridge Rental

What if you don’t have a large enough fridge to keep everything for the party? Well, in the spirit of making things easy for yourself, you can use convenient fridge rentals to store food for the party. These tend to be quite inexpensive, and will be able to chill the alcohol as well as keep the food from spoiling. Even if you’re not providing the booze, remember that no one wants a warm drink! If you don’t get a fridge though, you’ll still absolutely have to get an icebox. You’ll also need ice for the alcohol, and mixers that will need to be kept cold. If the expense is a problem, however, you can divide the cost among your guests.

And finally, don’t give in to the need to over-compensate for not providing the booze. Planning a party’s hard work, and you’ll be kept busy simply arranging it. Don’t go overboard!