Why Is It A Good Idea To Use Custom URL Shortener For Your Brand Campaigns

Recently, Facebook disclosed that over one billion people used its platform in one single day. Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media sites also revealed their traffic details and made it clear that they had been receiving millions of unique visits on a daily basis. As a brand, this is the golden opportunity for you to promote your products and services on these sites.

Since users prefer to use social media sites in their free time and are in a very good mood for most of the time, chances of them opting for any good product or service if they come across any relevant option are very high. It means that you can easily share details about your products/services on various social media sites and lure users to give them a try. While doing so, use a URL compressor to get amazing results. Here is how it can help you in fulfilling your business goals-

Improves URL Structure

One of the best things a good shortener tool does is it turns the original unattractive URL of your site into a small URL which can be shared on different sites easily. Normally, the naked URL doesn’t look attractive due to the usage of keywords, which sometimes works against the brand marketing. As users find these links unattractive, they don’t click on them. With the help of a good link shortener, you can get rid of this problem straight away.

Social Media Traffic Analytics

Apart from turning your long link into a short attractive link, a good link shortener can also help you track the traffic that comes from various sites. Using its dashboard you can how many users click on it from various sites and made a purchase. It can also tell you how many times your link was shared by users on different social media platforms. So, all in all you have all the information that can be useful for the success of your brand campaign in one place.

As a marketer if you want to see your brand campaign getting good results on various sites, then you should not delay using URL shortener at all. This is the best decision you’ll ever make. So, give it a try and feel the difference.