Getting Your Car Ready For The Winter Chill

The winter months can pose a number of problems to drivers and it is important that everyone takes notice of the differences which need to be made during this time of year. To begin with drivers should alter their driving style in the harsh weather conditions so that they avoid any accidents. Accidents and collision almost triple during these months as a result of people not driving with due care and attention, as well as the risk of drivers under the influence during the holiday season.

Aside from the risk of an accident, there is also a higher risk of break down for cars and this is the time when you need to make sure that your car is ready for the winter months.


Many people fail to realize when their warranty has ran out and this could cause e great problems financially if something were to happen after it has expired. Make sure that you are using this time to check the status of your warranty and if it has ran out, you can extend it with companies like Accelerated Service International. A warranty will cover your car against mechanical break downs and could save you money should something serious take place.

Garage Check Up

The best way to ensure that your car is ready for the cold, winter months, is to take it to a local garage for a check up. Many garages will offer these winter check ups where they will check that you car has all of the correct levels of fluids, including anti-freeze, as well as ensuring that your tires are fit and ready to survive the cold winter. These check ups don’t cost a great deal of money and they are well worth paying for.

Break Down Cover

If you don’t already have break down cover then you should start to think about getting it for the winter. The risk of break down is far higher during the winter months than any other time of years and it is always nice to know that there is someone at the other end of the phone, day or night, who can come and help you out should you run into difficulties. Break down cover is a little bit like car insurance, you hope that you never need it, but it is always nice to have!


Many cars, particularly the older ones, run the risk of seizing up if they are left out in the elements all night. For this reason you really ought to think about how you will be storing your car during the winter months. If you have no choice but to leave your car on the street overnight then think about buying a cover for your car so that it is at least slightly protected from the elements. Another issue which could occur thanks to the colder weather is a crack in your windshield and buying a cover for your windshield really makes a lot of sense.