Some General Web Design Principles for Instagram Content

Even though the digital era and the dramatic leap in technology have radically transformed the creative scenario, there are still certain things that have remained unchanged and untouched. Yes, we are talking about the basic web design principles that could be applied to your Instagram content even today. Social media and the ways to master the designing aspect always seemed like a mystery to many of you. It seemed as if there are some special guidelines or rules to be followed that are hidden from the public. It is true that social media marketing and designing could be complicated and quite challenging but when it comes to things like the Instagram content, some basic visual design principles could be used for generating a truly compelling and interesting digital content.

Instagram with its ever-rising popularity and a whopping 800 million MAUs has become the undisputed no.1 social media platform and is supposed to be the most powerful and dominant social networking site. Here we would be discussing some of the core visual web design principles that you must keep in mind while generating content for Instagram.

Focal Point

This essentially means that your eye would be requiring a resting place while viewing a picture. Your image must have some element that would be fascinating and would grab the attention. This is supposed to be the focal point of the image you have shared on Instagram. If a picture has no focal point, viewers would swiftly be moving away from the picture as there was nothing present in the picture that could attract and hold their attention. Needless to say, the more fascinating the focal point, the picture would attract more people and keep them engaged. You would be able to drive more and more traffic to your site and gain real Instagram followers.

The Rule of Thirds

If you are into photography, you would be conversant with the well-known rule of thirds. It would be considering how the picture would be viewed. Here the picture would be broken down effectively into thirds. So when a picture is broken down effectively into thirds, you would be getting 9 parts for every picture. The pictures where the most interesting part or element is strategically placed on the central grid would appear to be well-balanced and definitely more engaging.

Pay Attention to Detail

Detail is tremendously important, especially so in imagery. The entirety of a picture may not be tremendously engaging but if you focus on one area, you might see a complete shift in perspective. It makes sense to look into various transformations and enhancements you can make to images to accentuate their beauty and get your message across. You must, of course, ensure that your original image has a significantly high resolution.


Simply speaking, the human mind has a definite preference for symmetry. So it would be automatically detecting it and as such, we would get attracted to a symmetrical content. This is because the human brain spontaneously is wired toward identifying the symmetrical content.


As mentioned earlier, the above-discussed design principles have actually endured through the ages. Moreover, in this digital era, they seem to be more appropriate and relevant than ever before.

Author Bio: Judith Harper is an SMM expert and a social media buff. She runs her own blog and is an avid blogger. She loves to share her knowledge with her fans and readers. She has been posting interesting tips, tricks, and techniques of boosting traffic and engaging real Instagram followers.