Chiang Mai Tours: Top Tourist Attractions

In the centre of the northern part of Thailand is the city of Chiang Mai. While Chiang Mai is a major city and has a varied population, it still holds a lot of immaculate wild and dazzling view. Here is an overview of the top attractions that Chiang Mai Tours offer.

    • Doi Ithanon National Park: You can embark on your Chiang Mai tour with a trip to Doi Ithanon national park. Here you’ll have the chance to see distinctive wild creatures and monsters in reality. The park is on the top of the tallest mountain in the entire Thailand region and it is the ideal place to have a view of the city.
    • Royal Park Rajapruek: Ratchaphruek or Rajapruek is the name of Thailand’s national flower. The Royal Park Rajapruek is named for these beautiful blooms, and it is a public space where tourists can admire a superb collection of ponds and gardens. The park is large in area, but there are trams available that can carry visitors around the park.Image result for Chiang Mai Tours: Top Tourist Attractions
    • Wat Chedi Luang: Although it isn’t as attractive or impressive as some of the other temples in the town, Wat Chedi Luang is still your historic stop. This lofty, tiered temple goes back to the fifteen century and was built in the traditional Lanna style.
    • Wat Phra Singh: The best known of Chiang Mai’s temples is the Wat Phra Singh. One can find major attraction inside the temple – The iconic statue of Buddha called the Phra Buddha Sihing. The temple also gloats extremely detailed murals, many of which portray scenes from Thailand’s history.
    • Elephant Nature Park: For animal lovers, there is a perfect place in entire Thailand – The Elephant Nature Park. Located in the northern part of the city, the Elephant Nature Park is a national park for rescued elephants. Tourists can get very close with elephants, watching them eat, wash and play in characteristic, wild natural surroundings.