Blend features from Instagram for your Business Website on WordPress

For business owners, it is essential that they should have a solid policy for online marketing through the internet. The stiff competition of online marketing makes it mandatory that you should focus dedicatedly to making your official business web page an attractive one. This is the place where your visitors will arrive at after they find you on Google; hence it has to be top notch. As the saying goes, first impressions are important as well as to create a good first impression; you must make the design of your website as beautiful as you can. WordPress is the best platform for creating sites, because it offers you many opportunities for customization, especially in the design aspects. This article will teach you how to combine features form Instagram to make your WordPress website more attractive.

The Importance of WordPress

WordPress is a fantastic platform. With its huge varieties of plug-ins as well as various customizable themes, it enables users to create on their own glamorous as well as functional websites. The best feature of WordPress is its capacity to integrate virtually every online service with their sites. This helps in keeping WordPress websites up to date with all technological changes and updates.

The Importance of Instagram

Instagram is the best social media platform for promoting your business products and services. It has a huge number of subscribers worldwide. It is the ideal place for sharing videos as well as photos and then gradually building a large as well as engaged followers’ list. Take advantage of the vast potential of Instagram by simply combining some of its features with WordPress. You will be able to promote your Instagram account in this way. This will benefit you both ways.

Hence, without further delays, get set to know about some simple methods for combing Instagram and WordPress with plug-ins as well as with some third-party services:

  1. Keep a follow badge and follower count on display in WordPress

The simplest way for integrating WordPress and Instagram is by displaying a “follow” button as well as by showing your total number of followers. There are quite a few widgets and plug-ins available which will enable you in doing just that. After you have installed the required plugin and have activated it, you will see a new widget that has appeared among the options under your Appearance/Widgets section on your dashboard in WordPress. These widgets will contain some fields which you must fill by yourself, most of these fields are quite straightforward, for instance, your access token and User ID in Instagram.

The User ID and The Access Token fields

The User ID of Instagram is one unique numeric value that is designated in each account, you can also find this by using many tools available online. Just type in your username and then click on the option “Get Instagram User ID” and after that copy the value in the corresponding field in your widget.

To get your Access Token, you must use another online tool that is easily available on the internet. Log into your account, and then copy the value of letters and numerical into the field for Access Token.

After this, you must save the changes in your widget and then refresh your WordPress site to check out how it will look live.

  1. Display your Instagram feed in your WordPress post

There will be times when you will like going a bit more, a step further and not just simply show a “Follow” button and the number of followers you have. This where plug-ins and widgets for displaying your Instagram feed live come in. Once again, you will be able to find a lot of plug-ins on the internet which will allow you to display your Instagram feed on WordPress. Once you have activated this plugin, you shall find a new section called “show Instagram” on your dashboard. Click on this link and then select the settings. Before you use this plugin, you shall need signing in with Instagram so that it can detect your unique Access Token, click on all the corresponding buttons and then finally click “Save Changes” when you are ready. Click on the tab for Feeds and then select Add New. You will be able to select between two different styles: Thumbnails and the Image Browser. Choose the style that you like best; then you must name this feed, type in your usernames for the feeds which you want to be displayed.

  1. Displaying your Instagram feed in widgets of WordPress

For the sake of efficiency, you can try adding this feature. Often the plug-ins that you used for the previous method will also work for this one too. Thus, you will be spared from installing extra widgets. After completing the previous step, you must activate the plug-ins.Then you shall have to navigate to the section called Appearance/Widgets in your dashboard on WordPress and then locate the widget again. You must drag it then to your chosen location. Now select a feed from the drop-down list. Choose the settings that you want on your widget, Click Save and then exit WordPress. On restarting WordPress, you will be able to notice the changes take place and your Instagram will be featured as a live stream of your posts on your official business website on WordPress.

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Wrapping things up

Combining WordPress with your Instagram profile will be helpful as it will let you manage your presence on social media in a much effective way. You will not need to upload the same photos on different places on the net. The efficiency level of your business website will be much improved with these methods. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article has illustrated some innovative and novel ways of incorporating Instagram and WordPress together. This will make your business website look much more attractive.