Many of you might have heard or learned about the best demo account 2019, so you may at first feel bored as my article is also about demo accounts. However, you will be certainly surprised because this article will give you completely different information from what you have researched before. Let enjoy it right now!

  1. Definition of a forex demo account

In simple words, a trading account letting its holder use virtual cash to experience the forex market is called a forex demo account. Usually, demo accounts are given to potential customers so that they can experience what a forex trading market is like.

Working in a decentralized place like the forex market, almost traders disseminate their price through the trading platforms.

  1. Advantages of demo accounts
  • They do not let potential clients take risks in investing real money to learn the ins and outs of the trading platforms. Instead, they permit customers get used to how each platform functions.
  • Also, they let traders check the trading platform of the best forex brokers 2019.
  • Not only sell traders their system, they also teach traders details of the forex market and stimulate real-world trading. From that, traders can learn their trading styles, which means they are able to determine whether they feel more convenient with intraday moves or longer term position.
  1. Disadvantages of demo accounts
  • Trading forex market is similar to playing a game. It can easily drop to the trap.
  • It is really dangerous if you do not treat the reality of the demo because that can cause disappointment or even financial disaster.
  1. Tips for traders
  • Start with a demo account
  • After getting enough knowledge and experience to determine what really works for you, then you can start with a micro account.
  • Try to follow those steps as they can teach you a lot about the forex trading platform and support you information you need. Also, they help you grow comfortable with the high-risk activity.

To sum up, the demo accounts are worth trying. However, they also have some weaknesses. Traders should learn carefully about that to avoid risks. The above article is somehow short, but I believe it has given you all important details relating to demo accounts.

Below are top 4 forex brokers with the best demo account for your reference:

  1. Exness minimum deposit
  2. Hotforex
  3. XM
  4. FXTM