Apple TV – Another Gem from Apple Factory

Apple is unique for many reasons. In an age when everyone expects their technological gadgets to do everything, Apple continues to focus on manufacturing gadgets that are only capable of performing a few tasks – but nonetheless does them rather well.

Like a lot of Apple products, the Apple TV is not meant for everyone. For those who are in to more technologically advanced products, the Apple TV might be something of a disappointment. But it has drawn enthusiasm from a more general crowd of laymen. Many also feel that the Apple TV will be the product to bring digital video in to the living room. In this review, we will take a look at the Apple TV to find out if it really lives up to the hype it promises.

In appearance, the Apple TV resembles a smushed Mac mini, but wider. It comes with a 7.7 inch footprint – unlike the Apple Airport Extreme and the Mini. It boasts around the same thickness as the Airport Extreme, measuring in at just over an inch. The overall design of the Apple TV makes sure it looks good in any home theater environment. At the same time, one wishes that it was stackable, to put it in line with other Apple products. The fit and finish of the device both live up to Apple’s solid reputation. There is nothing excessive or cheesy on the Apple TV. It has a very strong, sturdy chassis. It does not come with a power button, as you do not need one – you only have to plug it in. The Apple TV is a lot smaller and quieter than similar media streamers and the Xbox 360.

The Apple TV’s IR and frontal LED pickup can be compared to the mini. If you utilize an IR distribution system, however, it may give you some trouble.

The Apple TV does come with certain requirements for an HDTV. You will need to have video cables, as the Apple TV does not come with any. This is not going over very well with the public at large. They do try to make this all clear to you up front before you purchase the Apple TV, however.

The remote control on the Apple TV will be very familiar to anyone who has an iPod dock or a new Mac. It works quite well, and is easy to use. It could be improved greatly, however, were Apple to add a couple more buttons for things like volume control or turning the Apple TV off without having to hold down the pause button for a long time. One of the interesting things about the remote control on the Apple TV is that you have the opportunity to pair it. Every Apple Remote comes with a unique ID that is transmitted in IR before its command. If you use numerous Apple Remotes, you can use this to make sure you do not accidentally wake your computer up when you are using your Apple TV.

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