7 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Has A Winning Chance of Nidahas Trophy

The Sri Lanka cricket team isn’t only the host team for the Nihadas Trophy, it is inarguably a powerful competition for Nihadas 2018 cricket games. The competition as scheduled to start on the 6th of March 2018 is a mark of the Sri Lanka’s 70th Independence celebrations alongside the 70th anniversary of the Sri Lanka’s cricket games. The 2018 tournament is coincidentally a mark of two achievements and celebrations for Sri Lanka, both as a nation and as a team.

The Nidahas Trophy 2018 T20i Matches tournament is against Sri Lanka that is the host team, Bangladesh and India. The Sri Lanka Cricket team made their formal invitation to Bangladesh and India as against the 2018 Nahadas tournament.

The effort of the Sri Lanka cricket team as expected is a double force. And although in the game against Bangladesh, the Sri Lanka team had a record-breaking loss, the team is undeniably reinforcing.

The host team of the Nahadas cricket tournament has more than their reputation at stake, and a whole lot more to lose than both of their Indian and Bangladesh counterparts.

After losing to both India and Bangladesh in recent times, the team has undoubtedly a lot of work to do, to redeem themselves.

One of the major reasons the Sri Lanka team has the chance of winning the 2018 Nahadas Trophy is their host advantage, a lot of teams get even more comfortable and powerful in their own environments, the beauty and power of hosting the competition in their home is the first advantage the Sri Lanka team has over their counterparts in the Nahadas 2018 tournament.

The Sri Lanka cricket team had a five win out of twenty-nine games in 2017 and has this 2018 tournament to redeem their country and team. The issue of winning the 2018 nahadas trophy is more than just an issue for the Sri Lanka team, because not only is this their only chance yet to redeem their 2017 records, it is their chance to mark their Independence and anniversary in the most iconic pattern.

The Sri Lanka team is making some visibly impressive changes this season, like the change of their coach. The naming of ChandikaHathurusinga as their new head coach is a commendable move in their mission to win the 2018 tournament, Chandika has a record of positive impact on the Sri Lanka team and is undoubtedly a push in the right direction for the team this season.

The re-appointment of Angelo Mathews as the ODI team captain is another positive move to the team, his records as a captain enlists more wins than losses, as he has lead his teams in the recent pasts to 47 wins in 98 games with 45 losses with just one tie.

With his experience with the ODI team, the Sri Lanka team under the captaincy of Angelo Mathews is sure to record more wins than losses this season, his personal drive towards winning is an impeccable force to push the team.

The inclusion of Shehan Madusanka is a boost to the Sri Lanka team, after his game in Dubai, Shahan Madusanka has proven that he is not only a delight to watch but his strengths, speed and flexibility if maximized by the Sri Lanka team is a force on play. His potentials are very promising.

Under the Captaincy of Angelo Mathew’s the Sri Lanka team as headed by Chandika Hathurusinga has one too many chances of beating their counterparts to winning the Nahadas Trophy this 2018.