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5 Ceiling fans design to complement your room décor

The selection of a ceiling fan relies on two factors – usability and interior décor. If you are considering renovating your home or you just want to buy a ceiling fan for your home, you need to consider certain factors to make the right choice.

The usability, of course, is crucial so that you don’t feel hot and humid inside the room. But, the efficiency of a ceiling fan is dependent on various factors that we will discuss in this article.

Apart from usability, you want to enhance the interiors of your room. For this, the fan should complement the room décor. Hence, you need to consider this factor as well. Summing up, you have to create a perfect balance between usability and aesthetics of a ceiling fan before finalizing your purchase. Check out the following factors and stunning ceiling fan designs to complement your room décor.

Factors to consider before purchasing a Ceiling Fan

  • The right size – This factor pertains to the area of the room. The size of the fan is decided according to the size of the room. The fan should not look absurd because of the wrong size. Hence, consider the room size before purchasing a fan.
  • Consider room décor – If the room features vintage or traditional interiors, consider opting for a fan that complements the décor. If the interiors are in a modern style, contemporary fan design will be an appropriate choice.
  • Fan Color – This also depends on the room décor. You can either opt a fan in a contrasting color or a similar color. The only consideration is that the fan and room décor should complement each other.
  • Determine your budget – At last, it all comes down to your budget. You have to make hard choices due to a limited budget. But, if budget is not a problem, you will be having a gala time choosing the best ceiling fan as per the décor.

5 Ceiling Fan Design Ideas to complement Room Décor

  1. Wooden Fans

Ceiling fans with wooden blades and wooden finish on the hardware and down rod will definitely complement the traditional or vintage décor. It will also complement the wooden flooring if this is the case.

  1. Wooden Fans with Lamps

To enhance the vintage or antique interiors, you can opt for wooden lamps integrated with a lamp. The lamp covers are available in various designs – ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. Wooden finish is available in colors like dark walnut, cherry wood, brown, beige, and so on.

  1. Chrome Finish

For room décor featuring light-colored interiors or equipped with metal furniture, ceiling fans in a chrome finish will be an ideal preference. Now, you can choose a ceiling fan with three or four blades, lamp or without a lamp, etc.

  1. Swirl Blades

Ditch the conventional fans with long blades and adopt contemporary fans with swirl blades or butterfly blades. This will enhance the room interior. The onlooker will be hooked at the first sight.

  1. Fans with Chandeliers

If you like to indulge in a grand affair, opt for fans fitted with a fascinating designer chandelier. The number of lamps varies in the chandelier. Along with this, the intricate pattern design will complement the décor significantly.

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